Visit the Fortress of San Leo is definitely an experience, indeed, very interesting excursion for all tourists who book in hotel a san leo. It 's definitely very exciting to go into places where poor people were tortured, not for the spirit macabre but because it imparts, this is the story and the san leo hotel They can give you in detail all the information. Obviously, the hotel leo also give you direct access to the beach, high "gem" of the place. But it certainly is the Fortress of San Leo to characterize the place, visited every year by tourists coming from all over Italy and from 'abroad. To get to your destination you have to heading out to make the ascent to the Fortezza, you can get there directly from the village of San Leo, and arrive at your destination you will be enchanted by the landscape. Great place to visit with family and children, so you need not waste any more time and book directly in the family hotel bellaria and thus guarantee the security of any comfort.

If you are in your vacation Bellaria Hotels with Pool, Our advice is to not stay in the pool all day, but to make this interesting excursion to the Fortress. You will have the opportunity to learn something of the history that only few people know about, not to mention that St. Leo is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy that the whole world envies us and above all is very intimate, also recommended for couples on holiday in Hotel Fortezza seeking peace, privacy and relaxation. The museum is very interesting and is also dedicated to the history of Cagliostro. Very suggestive images in black and white in the country. The museum also shown the instruments of torture, which are present in various rooms, which bring to mind the Middle Ages and the terrible period of the Inquisition. And if you shall not be sadness, no problem, after the visit awaits your wonderful Igea Marina hotel sul mare to experience the real thrill of the summer and warm!

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