Italia in Miniatura is the miniature theme park that annually hosts schools and families with very reasonable prices to accompany everyone to discover the amazing world of nature and its secrets.

A real mission for the Park which has managed to turn into a real art relished his educational pathways also turning into a "yard of ideas," ready to listen to all proposals, especially when they come from the guys who love the research and the nature .

Of course, no shortage of attractions, from game designed for children, with water jokes that are a real collegiate time, especially for large groups and schools, at the carnival of science and the most romantic, all that remains is to visit Venice in miniature.

There are also many educational projects: from spring 2013 are as many as 31 new guided learning paths.

Each course will be accompanied by guides, or by trained personnel capable of interacting with the kids and explain the validity of the path from the front of leveraging human side that binds precisely the boys to their passions. You learn more when you're having fun and you learn more when you feel involved, that's why Little Italy is truly dedicated to all those who want to discover how to become Great!

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